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I am still new to this hobby, I ask myself should I keep some basic parts around. For example see below. Thank you for the advice in advance.

1. smoke wicks

2. smoke unit motors and which one

3. smoke unit gaskets and which ones

4. Black plastic impeller’s

5. body parts not sure what ones.  

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Smoke wicks, motors, and gaskets aren't a bad idea, and maybe a couple of impellers as well, though they're not needed nearly as often.  Smoke resistors is another useful part to stock.

As far a body parts, that's more of a crapshoot, no telling what you might need.

Thank you Gun runner,

How about the smoke motor gasket? Thank you for the advice and I will use it for sure. I just have an order I am putting together and want to make the most out of the shipping charge.

Sensible, I suppose.  And cheap enough.  The MTH smoke motors are pretty good.  I've used them to replace Lionel motors (as advised by GRJ).  The part number for those is BE0000041 on the MTH parts website.  The smoke wick part number is AA0000001.  I don't have any gaskets but I probably should.  I have a few impellers and that part number is AI0000019.

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