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My layout is under construction, so no switches have been powered. I test every switch for movement and I'm finding many have weak spring action in one direction. Today, I replaced a switch machine that had extremely weak spring action. The replacement is better, but still weak in one direction. One time, I tried a stronger spring position, but it was too much. Should I just give up on the Atlas switch machines?

When I say weak spring action: if I manually move and hold the switch in the weak position and push the points out of position, it does not fully return.

I'm not concerned about burning out the coils as I have the Atlas 6924 boards.

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Is your switch screwed down on road bed or the table top? If so, it my be screwed too tight...this would prevent the throw bar (the piece that the points are attached to) from completely returning to position.

I have 26 Atlas switches on my layout and am using the stock switch machine. They are not the strongest "machines" but have not experienced any derailments because of faulty performance.

If you don't mind getting under your layout the Tortoise switch machines are the best way to go. When viewed from above the only thing you see is a fine wire engaging the switch throw bar. They are easy to wire, and after you do one installation, the next several will take about 20-30 minutes each. I have used them on my layout since 1987. They are American made in Illinois. They are bullet proof. No crappy linkage. You will never derail with the Tortoise unless you throw the switch the wrong way. No more ugly Atlas switch machines.

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