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I sent him a photo of an H.O. 3d buoy on ebay and asked if he would make them in "S" or "O" He even made something more realistic, just what I had in mind! Even has a tube inside to wire an LED. The top tip comes off for LED install.

And PRESTO!!!!!!!!!!! He sent them A.S.A.P.    Yes, red right return.

M.R.R. suppliers wont be able to compete with the innovative modelers soon. They should have jumped on board years ago.

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Please don't mention I sold you something on this forum or I might (likely) get a notice from OGRR.

This is not the appropriate buy-sell forum.

It's just the rules here!


Al was privately contacted as I do with other craftsman, not directly through the forum. As most, he happens to be a member. On occasion, I have contracted items I’m not able to make myself and seek assistance from others. We have a vast network of modelers sharing the hobby together. It also generates and inspires better forum activity and supports more meaningful threads. Sometimes items are exchanged for trade and not profit.  It’s all good.

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My designs are optimized for a FormLabs 3+ laser 3D SLA printer.  Most of the components are very small and detailed.

Not many have nor have access to a FormLabs printer.

Thus, the designs will not print well on a UV 3D SLA printer nor at all on an 3D extruder tube printer that cannot print at a tighter resolution.

cant v3

For example, the railing and ladder diameters above are 0.07"; much too small for an extruder printer.

the buoys have railings too that likewise are way too small to be printed on these printers.

My hesitation of adding to the catalog is to avoid the frustration that my designs would cause others after many hours of print time and wasted materials.

The FormLabs 3+ printers go for $2500,  as an owner I can get you or anyone a $500 discount.😁


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