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I was wondering the same thing.  Bob Stevenson can do it, as can most dental labs and jewelry makers.  I am trying to find a sand cast foundry that can do three or four pieces at a time - had one that did it for reasonable $ but cannot make contact any more.

Starting to forget what I have posted on this thread - you may have seen all my bare brass.  Well, maybe you need to see my giant brass Vanderbilt tender?

TNO 600 009TNO 600 011

.032 brass, riveted with brass escutcheon pins.  Rivet gun was Boeing surplus - we figured it had driven a million rivets into B-17s in its lifetime.  It blew a gasket last year while riveting an aileron for a Cub. 1.6" scale, 7 /2" gauge.  700# locomotive only.


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  • TNO 600 009
  • TNO 600 011
@Bruk posted:

I recently acquired this Westside Models Virginian Triplex at an estate. Needed a lot of repair.

It was missing one of the ladders on the I redesigned and had it 3d printed and cast in brass. I couldn’t find anything aftermarket that would work.



Awesome! Impressed! :-) That's a cool technique!

Kind regards


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