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These three freight cars were not built in brass, but with steel. They all seem to date from the early 1940's.

Offset side hopper built from an early 1940's Rail Craft kit having tinplated steel parts. 107XJDB

A USRA twin hopper built in heavier gauge steel than Rail Craft used.  Bought built up but lacking AB brake parts and a few other small details.


An 11,000-gallon tank car with a scratch-built steel tank on a Walthers frame and with a Walthers dome.  As bought it lacked trucks, couplers, brake details and most grab irons.


The steel tank car finished for Gulf Refining Corp.


The steel USRA hopper finished for the Reading Company.


S. Islander


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  • 107XJDB
  • STLh01
  • STLt01
  • STLt07
  • 210

A few different things in brass here.   I still own these models, but several other brass models I built or modified have been sold, so they are not shown here with the sole exception of the UP Centennial I built for a good friend who has since passed away.   Descriptions are with the smaller photos below.


S. Islander


Images (7)
  • 073: NJ Custom Brass, modified to look more like its prototype.
  • 104: US Hobbies tank car, with complete brake rigging and piping added.
  • 159: Another US Hobbies gas tank car with complete brake rigging and piping added.
  • 192b: A rebuilt Balboa import from the 1970's. It was an 1880's IC Forney rebuilt to model an 1890's Baldwin Forney used on Staten Island until 1906. ,loco., uilt
  • UP6905a: This UP Centennial was built from a Locomotive Workshop kit in the 1980. Dual 9xxx series Pittman motors with CLW drives.
  • SI29: This was built from a highly modified LWS kit, and a scratch built tender. The boiler was made from a sink drainpipe!
  • CAM53: A re-done Williams camelback detailed for Jersey Central.

End of the month bump for one of my favorite threads...Recently picked up this empty pulpwood car from a forum member and just purchased this milk car.  My 2 main industries on my upcoming layout are pulpwood and milk/creamery.  I don't have the milk car yet, but am excited to receive it...will post more pics of it when I receive it.

I need to start painting brass!

IMG_1665 copys-l1600


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  • IMG_1665 copy
  • s-l1600
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Williams K4's, would like to pick up a Weaver 3768 to go with these.


Williams L1


KTM project 2-C-C-2, having trouble finding reference to it.  I originally thought it was IMP, but found KTM cast into the sprung driver journals.

FP588 class electric

Un finished Scale Craft K4 kind of shows what a 1939's kit could look like although this was  one with a factory built up chassis.


Another project, a Scale craft SP Mountain


Early 1934-35 version of the Scale craft Hudson


Parmele & Sturgis EP3 electric


Scratchbuilt crane car probably more tin than brass but still cool with a P&S aluminum 200 ton flat car.IMG_0022


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  • IMG_2650
  • FP588 class electric
  • 100_1498
  • IMG_7901
  • IMG_7923
  • MYSCHudson
  • 948BD1B3-118C-4DCD-BB72-C3BE8745F496
  • IMG_0022

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