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Most of us have had extra time at home during the virus shutdown allowing more yard work, closet or shop cleaning and house cleaning.  Maybe you had time to work on the train layout, making buildings or fixing or modifying cars and engines.  How about sharing your work with all of us.

I will start with the Wye I added to my  30 plus year old layout in May  2020.  The new Wye has been written up in more detail in earlier posts but here are a few pictures.


Two new Marx 1590 switches were added to existing track to make the Wye and are shown in the right leg of the Wye.  The cattle pen had to be moved from spot of the top switch, a new uncoupling section was added and the two switches had to be shortened to fit between existing track.



This picture shows as long train moving from the inside loop of the main board, through the outside loop of the main board into the outside loop of the new board showing how to reverse a train on the outside loops.  I am real pleased with the additional train activity the Wye has supplied with reversing on the outside loops and giving more interaction between the loops.



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CDDB7FC3-CD75-462C-BC19-EC36176605C9C3D78477-131A-4B97-8B50-0DFF05E89EE75BDCD4D0-1CEE-4ABD-AC38-1005D5BDE99AB5C1BFD3-B40C-4BDE-BBE1-6A2055DE18E9Started this little scene 10 days ago. Until now, my layout was just painted, but I am going to start adding different scenes to it. 
 Unfortunately, 8 days ago I was laid off after 34 years with the company. Now, I have loads of spare time. Luckily, I also have loads of scenery materials, because it could be quite a while before I can justify spending any real money on my hobbies again. 


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I see I'm not the only one who added a mountain!  For the sake of brevity, I'll only post the final pics.  If you want to see a progression, go check out "What did you do on your layout today?" I posted the full progression there.  (Though I'd be willing to post it here too if someone asks nicely.) I'm very happy to have a mountain that looks like a mountain and not a bunch of styrofoam glued together.  

 The stand is a resin building by Bachmann. I have very limited modeling skills, which is why my layout is mostly just painted Homasote. Anyway, it is just some HO ballast to make a gravel parking lot, with some Woodland Scenics turf for weeds. The building is unlit, so I am going to drill a hole in it, and drop a small light in it. Then drop a figure in there to work the counter. 
 My hope is to slowly add scenes throughout the layout, just to improve my skills and give me something new to look at. 

I had a bout with the COVID-19, from mid-May until a few weeks into June. As I was coming out of it, I scored a Varney/all Nation Ten Wheeler which I posted about in the "2 rail" section:


It needed a fair bit of work (which I really enjoyed doing) and I'm pleased to report that it (and I) are both doing fine... 

Mark in Oregon


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