We recently completed a project to include a new train station on our layout. Thanks to the skills of Alex Malliae, the new station has both an upper and lower level. In addition, the TW Design's version of the grand ole GCT graces another part of our layout.


How about you? Please show all of us your train stations that you have installed on your layouts.







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Schenectady Train Station-The prototype



Schenectady Train Station- The Model built by Maria Poklemba







My Wildwood Harbor Station based on the Andrew Avenue Station in Wildwood, NJ built by Maria Poklemba






And finally a piece of Model RR History from John Allen's Gorre and Daphetid RR a model of his Cross Junction station in O scale built by Mike Lynch.











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Tuxedo Junction, pure toy train joy:


Evening Departure




ps - I've been to Schenectady, by train even, and I don't recall the station being so invisible.


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Here's a shot of  "Matthews Rte 66" sandwich Shop and Occasional Station on our layout, the A.T.& S.F.

Sort of a time warp with the old truck and one of NS finest



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Great post, Brian.  I love seeing everyone's passenger stations.  Alex did a beautiful job on your new station and fits in so well with your layout.


I have a couple on my 8x16 floor layout.

The main town station is "Lionelville Station" which is a Lionel PRR MG Switch Tower converted for station use.  I added signage, lampposts, wood decking, andextra interior lighting for night shots. It also received an operating smoke unit for the chimney.  The chimney was crooked and in order to correct this, I had to cut it off and fill a gap.  At that time, I decided that it would be cool if this thing puffed smoke.




 Railway Express Agency entrance in back...




Butting up to Lionelville Station, on track one, are two basswood passenger platforms from Crescent Locomotive Works.  Between tracks one and two are two Lionel livery passenger platforms with a matching switch tower at one end.  The other end has stairway leading to elevated trolley line platform.





 The other side of the trolley line has this passenger platform (with a switch tower for yard below)...





...at the bottom of the stairway is a small Amtrak shelter...




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Hello Brian, the station looks very nice on your beautiful layout. Thank you very much

Boy I've been missing so much on the forum, I've been so busy I haven't had the time

to view any of the topics.


Everybody's stations look great !!!!!!!!!!!






Here's an Atlas station that was on our home layout.

The beautiful D&H PA is a brass R.O.W. model from the early 1990s



Next stop is a small rural station in South FL



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Thanks Don K., Pete, Sam, Keith, Mile CT, Dave (our Australian Buddy), Zeeke, Alex, Bill, Al, Pete, Don (Hawaii 50), Marty, John, Pro Hobby, John, sawdust and Lee for your contributions. What a beautiful array of train stations.


Keep em coming.


Thanks for creating this thread and thanks to all who posted.

Got me motivated to work on the layout this weekend!

I have a lot of stations on my layout.  It is sort of out of control.  I need help.



my layout 14 10:09




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Originally Posted by Jim M:

Jim, fabulous job on your station. Are those HO street lights? they are really nice.


PTC, thanks for the thread and nice comments. Great work everyone.

Speaking of passenger stations...anyone hear anything about the TrainWorx 100th anniversary GCT from Lionel lately?

First, this is my model of the sadly, now demolished Seligman, AZ station and Harvey House on the Santa Fe.


Seligman Harvey house-500





And it looks like a lot of us bought the beautiful TW Designs Albuquerque station.  Here is my version, lettered for the main city on my layout, my hometown of Douglas, AZ









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Thanks Jim for sharing this beautiful train station, Tex for your wonderful one-of-a-kind Temple Station, Al, Johnny, Chris for the classic 115, Steve, and Peter for your custom Santa Fe Station and the TW design beautiful station.


To me, train stations make a layout. Nice to see so many beautiful ones.

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