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@Steam Crazy posted:

Peter, I agree with Arnold, this is a very interesting topic.  I have liked running work trains since I was a kid (a few years ago!).

Here’s my contribution; MTH NYC 0-4-0 switcher no. 901 pulling a consist of postwar Lionel cars.  Three of the cars are custom, made from cheap flats purchase from under the table at train shows.  Can anyone tell me what car I used to create the reel car?  The K-line reels fit it perfectly.


6824 Automobile Flat Car? The profile looks like the black one I got in 1958 with the New Haven F3 freight set….

Nice consist!


Thanks Palallin- it was a good find and mostly complete when I found it.  The yellow rails for the flat car came from the correct car but it was from a single sale later.  Of course, some -------has done a terrible thing on the box with their packing tape.  Someday I may figure out how to get that off without taking the box picture with it.

Thanks again for your comment


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