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Great layouts and trains everyone.  ChooChoo glad you are still up and am I and I like the MPC / modern trains, they work on small radii curves and just keep going.  Some of the newer ones, like the Williams 44 tonner's also have great sounds.  I still run a few old "sound of steam" tenders with the circular plastic container with pebbles inside ... What a hoot!

Here is a bit of my MPC "motive power" mostly from the early MPC days in the 70's and 80's.  First the #8300 unnamed Santa FE 2-4-0  from 1973-74.

Lionel 8300 loco & tender

The Denver & Rio Grande 2-4-0 from 1976-78  I think this was the "Black River Freight" set.

Lionel BR Freight set -train

The "Southern Streak"  2-4-0 from 1983-84

Lionel SS full trainI

Great fun folks, Probably never have a lot of collector value, but I always found them fun to run and fun to collect



Images (3)
  • Lionel 8300 loco & tender
  • Lionel BR Freight set -train
  • Lionel SS full train

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