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I'm using mine more now as a stationary display since I got the Mi-Jack.   This was a year ago. I'll be setting it up again at an elementary school display in April. We are going to try to show what railroads do in Baltimore: Container services, coal exports, and automobile Ro-Ro's.

Anybody got some auto-racks for sale cheap?  






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I recently bought some cars from a forum member. One of them was a Western Maryland TOFC. It didn't fit under my upper level so when life gives you lemons- make lemonade.

The trailer frames are Lionel and I slightly modified the flat car to hold them down.

2019-03-23 15.54.41

This is the car pre-modification

2019-03-02 17.22.202018-01-02 14.29.32


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  • 2019-03-23 15.54.41
  • 2019-03-02 17.22.20
  • 2018-01-02 14.29.32
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As always, I love all the layout pictures. It let's me see layouts that I will never get to visit. All of you do great work. I witnessed circus unloading once years ago on the L&N. They let down the little ramps between the cars and a truck tractor would back down the cars until it got to a trailer to be unloaded. The driver would couple up and then drive forward back to the inclined ramp and drop the trailer on the ground there. Then he would repeat the process until the whole cut of flat cars was unloaded. Almost every town of any size had a ramp like that. The loading and unloading would typically be handled by a contractor like a local moving and storage company.

paul 2 posted:

Lee, they finally came in this afternoon. These were on my list for York. It's my needle in a haystack of finding scarce items. These cars were a special run by JD's Trains, I believe. 100 were made. Pics...............Paul 2


Sweet!  I’m looking for the Riss one I just got done ordering it from JD Trains in St. Louis Mo.( I use to love going there) sadly Weaver closed the doors before he sent in the order. At the time he was very busy at work and was gone a lot. Great fine Paul 

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