coach joe posted:

AZGARY, custom made Lionel trailers?

The Pontiac Racing is custom. I bought an old trailer,gave it a fresh coat of white paint . Then I applied decals that I have had for at least 20 years. I was very happy they worked. The Ford trailer has an extra decal added to the front. 

sidehack posted:

Trumptrain, you have some of the best action pics, people actually doing something..thanks for showing them

Have you ever seen these:

Thanks so much Ray!  I love to create various scenes on my layout.  When I hosted the thread " Team Track Tuesday" I had to come up with a new scene every week.  I really got into the idea of allowing scenes to be more convincing by accurately placing people in the roles of doing the work at at hand.  

I have seen most of those movies and they are wonderful!  Thanks for the reminder! 

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