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Hello. If anyone wants to showcase their QSI Equipped Locomotives in Action as a Video, I’d love to see that! I’d prefer if you would blow the whistle on the locomotive just to hear what it sounds like. What I like the most about QSI systems though is the Passenger Station/Freight Yard Announcement Sequences. They (in my opinion) sound very realistic. If anyone wants to showcase that too on their engine, that would be even cooler! Anyways, if you want to take videos of your QSI equipped engines, I’d appreciate that very much, because (again in my opinion), QSI is my favorite sound system created for model trains!

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Hi there, here is a quick video of my Lionel 6-18003 Northern slightly modified for the Wabash Railroad and equipped with a QSI sound system.  This is the QS-2 version.  For the first pass I trigger the Doppler effect for the whistle.  On the second pass I trigger the freight announcement sequence.  For its time, these were nice upgrades for conventional engines like this one.


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