I was hoping to see some examples from member layouts.  Some modelers place partitions/thin walls segment the layout and focus on a specific industry or geography feature.  The partitions would be painted or have photographic images attached to create a sense of background scenery.  These partitions would be in the middle of the layout and not on the surrounding walls.


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I'm not sure if what I've done qualifies exactly. I just call it backdrop, and it is a very long, continuous thing on my layout. The layout is comprised of two sections that run along the north and south walls, and three peninsulas out into the middle of the room. Although they aren't complete, you can get the idea from the photos. There will be photos and building flats applied to them eventually.

This section in aisle two is getting close to being done. A few more building flats. some trees and clouds should wrap it up.


I put a couple flats together to conceal this opening where the track goes through.


Here's an overview of aisle two. The entire room used to be wide open. On the right is the partition with aisle one. On the left, the partition with aisle three, and the center of the room. Each deck has long continuous scenes.


This scene in aisle one will get a painted cutout made of pink foam sheet, mounted to the sky. I'll be using similar treatments along most of the lower deck on aisle two.


Here's a bit of an overview of aisle one. On the right is the south wall, and on the left is the partition between two and three. The upper will be mostly photos of the real structures in the area.


You can't see much of the backdrop anymore, because this scene is nearly complete.  This is on the lower deck in aisle three.


Here's an overview of aisle three.


The scenery will wrap right around the end of peninsula three, hiding the helix behind it.


Over in aisle four the Hiawatha Milling District runs nearly 40' through a "canyon" of elevators and mills.



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You can't see much of the backdrop anymore, because this scene is nearly complete.  This is on the lower deck in aisle three.




Very nice Elliot, how did you build up the tree line area?

Bobby, there are actually three tracks under the bluff.

This little piece isn't done yet. I started off with an 1/8" Masonite wall, and put in the horizontal supports. 


I made hollow sections out of pink foam that are 4' long. There are four of them, and they can be removed to get to the tracks below. To cover the Masonite wall, I took old scraps of ceiling tile and cut them into strips and glued them to the wall, then carved them with a utility knife, then took a wire brush to it.


Here are the four sections. I worked from photos, no imagination required, just technique.


The two on the end here, just got painted brown, and trees planted. Starting at the left edge of the photo, I carved the foam to simulate the exposed sandstone face. 


Here you can see one of the photos I was working from. Those are icicles in the picture, but I'm modeling summer. That is a limestone cap, and it really has that saw tooth appearance.


Paint helps.


Finally some greenery. All Woodland Scenics for this project.



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