SHS or MTH S gauge track

I just got a very small lot of SHS S gauge track. It seems to be wide radius, (~57" diameter) but I do not know how many different radii SHS sold.
Anyway, it is 3 curve track sections short of a circle and I only have two short straight sections.
Any idea where I can get three curve sections and some straight sections?


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S-Trax comes in three radius, 20, 25, and 30" ( S-Helper used to call them 19, 24, and 29").  You can verify which you have by counting the number of ties.  33, 42, and 51 respectively.  Portlines has used single 29" radius curves for sale for $4.  Choose "Track Options" >> "Find Inventory" from the menu bar then look for "SHS-294-CRV-29" about 3/4 down the page.

They also have a few 15" straights "SHS-257-STRT-15" for $6 and some 10" straights "SHS-258-STRT-10" for $4.


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