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Hi, I Steve, I see that Bar Mills offers sidewalks in four scales including O, according to Scenic Express. It doesn’t’t say what it’s made of, however.

I, myself used 1/8” closed cell foam roadbed material, painted concrete, with scribed lines using a ruler and pencil.

Good luck going forward on your quest.



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From my thread - let's cut to the chase:

"One of the alternatives to yardsticks (which have those imprinted black markings) is wooden strips I've used for foamcore building internal support.  You can get these at Lowe's or Home Depot.  Typical measurements are 1.5" x 36" x 0.25" and they are either aspen or poplar.

When you place these next to your 1/8" masonite street, the 0.25" thickness gives you a 1/8" or 6 scale inch curb.  These are more expensive than using yardsticks, but much less expensive than the commercial products."

Good luck in your pursuit and let's know what you ended up doing.


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