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Hi All,

I’m building a control panel for my layout and for my sidings, I have SPST switches that I plan to use to shut track power off. I also have a 5mm LEDs wired up to illuminate whenever the track is powered.

The problem that I’ve run into is that the sidings are never getting more than 10 volts to them. I have included a diagram to show how I have it wired and due to the layout being modular, I have a couple extra terminal strips involved. The red “hot” wire comes from the transformer, and connects to the switch before going to the track. I have a 1k ohm resister connected between the switch and the anode of the LED. For the common, I have have a wire coming from the power source and connecting to the cathode of the LED, I then have a second wire connected to the Cathode with a 1N4002 diode. That wire then connects to the track. Do any of you see a mistake I’ve made along the way that would be the cause for the voltage drop?


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