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First off, I have no idea how I ended up posting the same thing on two different posts. I thought I was more computer savvy than that.




Thanks. By the way, when you get a chance e-mail me.  I am planning to come to Colorado next week, and would like to visit the layout




I never would have noticed the window shades were on the outside if: a) others had not have pointed it out, and b) I ran my fingernail across the window.  They are on the outside, but it's very hard to tell.


A few performance notes:


No problem running these backwards around 54" radius curves


They roll reasonably well. Better than the Golden Gate  P70s which had pickup wipers, but not the Golden Gate Broadway cars, which don't


Lighting is uniform and remarkably flicker free


Have not had any problems with the Atlas couplers.


They couple pretty close to the GGD cars, as the first photo shows. 

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Originally Posted by christopher N&W:

It looks really nice, but shouldn't you paint it tuscan to match the rest of your set.

He's going to let me take it over to my shop.  I have a 5 gallon can so I can do a quick dip it into the paint and then hang it up to dry outside on the line.


That should take care of the window blinds as well,

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