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Hi OGR Electrical Experts,

I am about to install Airpax push/release breakers:

- 10-AMP = PP11-0-10.0A-OB-V --> [4 of them on ZW-L powering four track loops]

- 5-AMP = PP11-0-5.00A-OB-V --> [8 of them on two ZW(R)s: one ZW(R) for fixed voltage power to special tracks like switches, UNC, OPER, and LCS modules; one ZW(R) for all lights and accessories]

Can anyone suggest means for mounting vertically against a wood panel either: in an open unenclosed way, or within some type of breaker box, either allowing somewhat easy access to the push/release buttons should a breaker get set off?

The breakers will be installed in-line off the A-B-C-D output terminals of the three transformers. Could be grouped as one set of 12 breakers, or three sets of 4 breakers.

If you suggest please help by naming as much specific as feasible in terms of make/brand of mounting equipment suggested.

Thanks in advance!


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I'm an advocate for the simple approach. I used the clear Alien tape " as advertised on TV". Worked for me. No issues or problems and it makes a clean non-moving installation. And the best part, it can be moved if needed, and leaves no mark.

Other folks may differ but it worked for me. Also, I'm no expert but I know some stuff.


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Drill a hole in the wood panel and stick the "handle" through the hole. Use the nut and collar on the top side of the panel to secure the breaker. NB: PP = push-pull, you close the circuit by pushing the handle and you can manually open it by pulling on it. The top of the handle is not flush with the threaded exterior of the breaker the way it is on a PR (push-to-reset) breaker.

In the first photo here, the track-power breaker on the right is PR and the track-power breaker on the left is PP.

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