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Back in 2011 I designed a very simple low cost wireless RC loco control system that my grandkids could easily operate. Total cost was about $55.00 and it used a toy car hand-held controller that kids were used to. The kids have grown up but the other day I took the system down off the shelf and fired it up. It worked perfectly, having both speed and direction control. Diagram and module are shown.



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Great work, can you do a step by step instruction process so others can build these also? I would think that I can use this type of module in some of my conventional  locomotives for remote control.  Did you use any components from inside  an r/c car for the build other than the controller? 

This looks like a great cheaper way to get into dead rail running also.

This setup was also battery powered with a 12V 2000 NiMH battery, so we were able to run it on a small portable layout out in the back yard. There is a video of this running on the LCCA website. You do not have to be a member to view the video. I needed different controllers to run more than one train at a time, used a 49mhz and a 27 mhz. Did not run more than two trains at a time. Also, included an LED based throttle setting monitor on the train. Kids thought this was cool, but have not seen anything like this ever made available. The 2 channel receivers I used were removed from $10.00 toy cars and worked great.

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