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On Lionel Legacy, the database is in the base. Same when using the app, the database is still in the base. Minor difference, the app copies and syncs to the database in the base. Again, the CAB2 doesn't store the engine/accessory, train list database. It must talk to the base and what it displays is coming from the base.

This is why you can take your remote to say another track or club with a Legacy base- but all your stored info is missing when that remote connects to their base it displays the info from their base.

The app is slightly different in that to make it's displays and menus work, it too does store it's own copy but wants to sync that with the base. The base is master and the one that counts.

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Just FYI, this is somewhat opposite to the MTH DCS system. MTH DCS stores the primary database in the remote or application. Yes, there are TIU settings stored in the TIU, but mostly big TIU functions dealing with the setting for a given channel and other details. When you transport your remote or app to another location and connect to a different TIU- you still have all your engines and accessories listed - same with the MTH DCS app.

We get this question a lot for people learning at our club and those that have tracks and systems at home.

Lionel=stored in the base.

MTH-=stored in the remote

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