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OK, I feel better now.

Let me explain.

I have post war, MPC and more modern conventional, RMT, I think a Kline conventional, LC, LC+, LC 2.0 and 2.0+, Legacy, and PS1/2/3. Currently I have 2 CWs, the little thing that came with the bump and go trolley, a Cab 2 and DCS with I think a Z1000. Also a PW ZW, a 1033 and one of the old small set transformers. I haven't used the ZW since I smoked one of my Christmas engines in a derail accident and scarred the carpet when the wires smoked. I have decided to go with Lionel 91s. I have 2 on order and I'm going to order 3 more.

I like running conventional (I'm old school) but I do have modern Lionel and MTH. The PS2/3 do not like the CWs and one of my RMTs Beeps was funky on testing and my RMT based on old Kline switcher acts badly and I suspect that part of the issue is the CW. They had all worked fine previously and I think I was using the CW back then. But, right now the CWs are the only common element for all these issues.

I have the Cab2 and the DCS for when I want to run the Legacy and PS2/3 for the full benefits of the features. I think I would prefer full sine for the postwar, MPC and other conventional

I've looked for an MRC as a backup mostly because of the modern electronics protection. Oops, just got an offer on the MRC AC Throttlepack I was looking at on the auction site. I took it.

So, if I go with the ZW-275 and the 1033 (or another PW throttle) with Lionel 91s could I use that to power the conventional engines and run one line to the Cab2? I can just use the DCS as is with the supplied power brick. And using the DCS to control the Legacy if I get that far. Which means the Z1000 will be powering that. It will not be a huge layout. 2 loops, maybe 3 and some switching. I already have the TVS diodes for the PWs.

Does this seem reasonable? Postwar transformers with TVS and Lionel 91 circuit breakers. For most applications.

But ditching the CW80s is a priority. And I have a shop nearby that will take them.


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I think your plan can work, ftauss.

I will now share with you the different transformers, which do different things, to power my layout, in case what I've done might benefit you.

I have a moderate-sized, long and narrow switching layout with Postwar O Gauge tubular track and 16 independently powered 022 switches.

I also have a lot of Postwar, quite a bit of MTH PS 1, 2 and 3, a few LC+, a couple of TMCC and 1 Legacy engine.

What has worked well for me is using 1 Z4000 for the 2 independently powered and interconnected main lines, another Z4000 to power my 8 independently powered sidings, 1 ZW to power my numerous Postwar operating accessories and another ZW to power the 16 022 switch tracks. I have an abundance of power for my 36 feet long and 3 to 4 feet wide layout.

Of course, my Z4000s are properly phased, so my trains run smoothly when they run from a siding to a main line, and from 1 main line to the other.

I acquired and hooked up the DCS remote set last year to run my MTH PS 2 and 3 locomotives, with which I'm very pleased. Although I have the Legacy base and special chord to run my TMCC using the DCS remote, I  could not get my TMCC engines to run well using the DCS remote. I think getting TMCC to run using the DCS remote can be a little tricky. For the time being, I run my TMCC conventionally.

I love running my Legacy engine and LC+2.0 engine using the LionChief Universal Remote, and my 4 LC+ engines using their LionChief dedicated remotes.

With the collection and layout I have, the 2 Z4000s with their pure sign wave operating systems work great running my MTH PS 2 and 3,  LC+, LC+2.0 and Legacy engines on my 2 main lines and 8 sidings. I enjoy their basic features (speed control, smoke, sounds whistle, bell and electrocoupler features), so I run them a lot.

When I'm in the mood, I also run my MTH PS 1 and Postwar Lionel engines. When I do so, my Z4000s work fine running those locomotives.

So  I guess I'm a pure sine wave guy. LOL, Arnold

PS: Were sine waves mentioned in trigonometry, or maybe it was sine, co-sine and tangent that was mentioned in trigonometry? I think I did quite well on my trigonometry regents exam. but now hardly remember a thing about it. LOL again, Arnold

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PS: Were sine waves mentioned in trigonometry, or maybe it was sine, co-sine and tangent that was mentioned in trigonometry? I think I did quite well on my trigonometry regents exam. but now hardly remember a thing about it. LOL again, Arnold

Yeah, I took geometry as a summer course between 9th and 10th grades. Acer still use some of it. But I do not think some in instance is the same.

Thank you for your insight. I have been collecting this stuff for 10+ years. A lot was stored divorce but I did have a  6x10 in the living room of my townhouse. Now, through the help of a new and improved wife, I added a large train room to my house and I am trying to get myself organized. Since I don't have to worry about taking it down now I have 2 loops of shadow rail (Kline and RMT) down and the CW80s have been a huge dissapointment. I've been undecided what to but taking stock this is the solution I've come up with. I think the final product will be close to 20' long and 6' to 4' wide. I like using the throttles on the ZW but I also do like my remotes for more features. The Lionel 91 circuit breaker seems like the ideal solution for the ZW and the 1033. So now that is where I am going now. Now I can think about trackage, etc.

Thanks. I always like your posts and comments.


PRR, Southern and NYC.

I personally love the 1033 and think it's the best transformer Lionel ever made - at least for my train preferences. But it is worth noting that Lionel has redesigned the electronics of the CW80 and it is expected to arrive stateside in August. Dave Olson talks about, and demonstrates it here...

PS: I tried to "time stamp" the link, but it didn't work. Scroll ahead about 2 minutes to begin the video. He talks about the CW first.

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I'm sure the CW-80 is still a chopped waveform transformer.  They may have eliminated all the electrical ringing from the output, but that part I'm sure didn't change.  I also got my 130 watt MRC AH501 for a lot less money than a new CW-80...

Original CW-80 Half-Throttle Waveform


That's why I bought the MRC pure power. Thanks to you and others, I searched and found this transformer.

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