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Hi all. I want to first thank joe from island models. I have two Sirt shells with one almost finished. I just sprayed  some dull coat over the finish. He did a outstanding job on the cars. I will post pictures when my cars are finished. They will have full interiors powered. 2 rail trucks interior lights an headlights. I am very happy an have to think about more cars while I can.   Thanks joe. Fine job.
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He can produce them, why cant MTH? 


Interiors are not easy. The motor car will never look correct inside. I started to cut the seats out on one car and gave up.

I threw both BMT's in the junk pile for now.

After thinking about all the detail work, it was not worth it to me.

Maybe I'll change my mind some day or Mike will stop being such a cheap skate on new tooling.

There are no safety chains or window screens available. The SI decal lettering is incorrect. Too close on the spacing with a dark gold color. I need the yellow lettering for blue and grey cars.

Cant find the paint either and the list goes on....

Only positive thing is I have an MTH BMT Standard end car with lighted markers.

Good luck on the 2r conversion, that will be a job. What do you plan on doing about the DCS sounds?


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What exact trucks did you use? Are they maximum traction with one wheel smaller? Did you use the frame from the BMT standard?


How did you paint them?


As you know the older color was pullman brown in the 1950's.


The actual seats are impossible to find. As you know they were reversible rattan.





I have used the actual seats sold by q car an any creation
Was scratch. Built. The truck side frame is from q car
Also the finish. First wash the shells in grease cutting
Detergent then dry an spray primer after drying I used
B&o blue by floqul. Light gray roof I would say use
A q car belt drive which is more powerful then
Magic carpets. If you do a you tube search on
Oscalecarl you can see other subway cars running
With magic carped an q car drives the d types are
Magic carpet an the lirr double decker are q car drives
The paint is the right shade an joe has the decals
Any other question just ask. I know there was a difference
In wheel size. But at this point it does not matter.
I worked on those cars in the 70's in Clifton so I know
The seats are correct. The only thing needed to be
Changed is the headlight. I made my own. Pictures
Will be posted when completed

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