SIT tubing

If you have a small enough piece, take it to a auto parts store and check out the vacuum tubing or the tubing for the windshield washers, should also be able to get tubing at your hobby shop that the remote control guys use,,,Might want to take the tender for a test fit...


The one problem with hoses not from parts dealers are that they can be to stiff.  The hose has to be able to move through the shell and from the chimney to the tender without closing as it make turns.  I suggest that you take the old tube with you to make sure what you are considering is as flexable as the original.

PS, I work on player pianos, that's how I get the tubing. However, the SIT bellows cloth, also originally a standard Player piano item, is no longer available from "the usual suspects." There is a modern synthetic cloth, but it takes a different glue and its not as easy to work with partially because the "new" glue is not as forgiving, or replaceable like the old hot hide glue is.


David "two rails" Dewey

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