Very, very cool. Super Streets and tractor trailers, what's not to like.

Wow!  Lee, those trailers are great.  Another well thought out and executed "streets"project.


Thanks for sharing,


Very impressive, cost and all.


But, the thing that I am DEFINITELY do is emulate your "Cheap White Wine" tanker,

either on a rubber-tired piece or a tank car (3-dome? "Cheap White/Rose'/Red", in different colors, of course).

Wow ..... you do great work! Really nice!


Yea ..... "Cheap White Wine" is a hoot!

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Jim Soriano

Lee  - These are great!!!!  I've never seen anything comparable to what you do.

Very, very nice.

Larry3railtrains in Calgary, AB, Canada

As Sheldon says"  There is ONLY "O" Gauge"

Astonishing....  We were moved by Mayflower back in the 50's.  The art work was super and would look good on one of these. 




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Originally Posted by Wood:

Astonishing....  We were moved by Mayflower back in the 50's.  The art work was super and would look good on one of these. 




I would love to get a Corgi or ERTL Mayflower model, either this is the mostly green paint scheme.  

That is just plain AWESOME Lee! WBB should hire you as a consultant on the Streets line.

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Originally Posted by SPSF:

Anyone else thinking of 'Duel' from 1971

Oh that was a scary movie in places.  It would be fun to model that!


   I think you should go into business and produce them for all of us!

Simply great engineering!


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Originally Posted by gunrunnerjohn:

You'll need the dodge car and the truck, have them chasing each other around the loop.


I was actually thinking of attaching the car to the front of the truck with its wheels slightly off the ground.  If would be silly but fun.  I wonder how many people would make the association with the movie!

Keep up the good work Lee. My friends and I have spoken of your projects a number of times. We are all technicians and appreciate the intricacies of what you do.

One my favorite stories is the one you shared with us about "Simply Green" and track systems. As a maintenance supervisor we are often called upon to deliver talks to our craft people about the proper use of cleaning solutions and lubricants. Well, your story about your track mishap has been brought up more then once as proof that even a trained engineer can get burnt from time to time.

In short thanks' for all you do and share, we love it!


Keep Your Rails Polished!

I don't think these trailers are legal in California. Bridge law says tandems have to be slid all the way up.

I think split tandem trailers are a newer thing. Maybe post de-regulation.

But anyway. Always impressed with your work! Great job!!!

-Andrew Lawrence 

Another fabulous post by Lee. I just wish I had room on the layout for Streets!


Lee - I know you've been working on getting everything to run evenly without one vehicle catching up to another. Have you ever thought of having a police car with flashing lights actually pursue another vehicle? A Streets version of the old Lionel animated gondola cop and hobo car, if you will? And if the police car is faster - well that's only natural!

I completed a seventh tractor trailer today.  It will be my last for a while, giving me a total of 10 tractor trailers that run well and have very similar speed vs. voltage performance.  This is a Corgi 1953 Mack B tractor - one of my favorite trucks.  As with the others the Corgi chassis was used and 'Streets wheels and pickups fitted to it.  The Navaho Lines trailer was on a Weaver flatcar and is powered as the others here with a truck from a WBB 44-tonner.  


This is just a very good looking, good running model.






I do remember these trucks from when I was a kid.  I was born in Colorado and by the time I was fifteen had lived in all four states listed on this trailer.



Several people asked to see details underneath, so here are photos. 









Slide5I'm done making tractor trailers but not 'Streets vehicles.  This "power unit" works so well: smooth running (flywheel), stable (heavy) and all at the same speed, that I am converting a couple of buses and some two and three-axle trucks, too, in the next week.



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Yes.  I can take one out of the box, disassemble it, remove the trucks, put it back together and put in back the box in less than ten minutes: I completed  a set of three more I got this week in 30 minutes this morning, while pausing for a few minutes when the end of the Monaco Gran Prix got intense and interesting.    But these should be the last.  I have six  of the trucks for projects now, more than I probably need, although I actually bought four, - I have a backup unit I will run with my "cow and the calf" until if and when I need it as a donar . . .

Lee. You just continue to amaze us with your work! Great job. I'm running streets, but nothing yet with a tractor trailer! Terry

They look super!

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Originally Posted by Charlienassau:

Fantastic! I know Bachmann has been noticing.


I have one of the new pickups and a tow truck on pre-order.  I really, and I mean really, hope to see a bus and a tractor trailer in the line so long as the price is reasonable.  Put me down for a vintage bus in Scranton Transit colors and a 50s Brockway with a livestock trailer.  Or should I say a 50s Bachway? lol


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