I know that several railroads had or have domed sleeper cars. That meaning, cars with an upper level dome deck and sleeping accommodations down below. Did any railroad put sleeping accommodations actually on the dome deck? A sort of "Sleep under the stars" roomette or bedroom. 

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No sleeping under the stars unless you fell asleep in one of the dome seats after dark.  All sleeping accommodations were at floor level.



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The domed area seems to be premium space.  I think VIA in Canada has a nearly refurbished car that has private rooms in a domed car, but the dome is separate and is a community space.


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The homemade Espee domes has long sofas, where you could stretch out after dark, and kinda get the effect of a true sleeper dome.  In the summer of '69, I did just that going from Oakland to Ogden, on the City of Everywhere.  Great sleep, and nobody kicked me out !

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