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Hi All.....

I received an email from a vendor offering a Lionel ES44AC with one of the slickest paint jobs. Waddaya think? I love the caption on the back..."The Sky is Not the Limit"!


If anyone wants to know the vendor; I'll post it. But they are not OGRR advertisers (I don't think? ).


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@Trainman52 posted:

As much as I like it, I'm out of "space" (no pun intended) and looking to downsize.

I'm right with you on this one, pal!

I agonized over the TCA exclusive ATSF Bicentennial SD's.  Passing on them was cathartic, a watershed moment in life.  Age, mortality, a Covid lockdown project (replacing batteries with BCR's on hardly used PS1 locos...100% successful, though!), a whole day on my knees trying to find something that my inventory list said I surely have (eleventy-seventy boxes later, I do...did), ...and a few other 'Burma Shave' warning signs along life's road...and I have been more easily able to admire...but not order.

Yes, their new exclusive offer is 'out of this world' (pun no less intended than yours!) in artistry.  But, no.  It's a pass.

If I really thought some of those gnusy lab rat tests had the potential to arrest or reverse the aging process, I suppose I could be re-tempted.

But, then, I do a really stupid thing: Read or listen to the rest of the daily gnus.  I should stick around a few years beyond my current 'schedule' () in order to participate in what's being forecast from local to global??

Nah!  Enough is enough.

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