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I am automating a pair of Walthers O scale crossing gates that will be installed at a triple track road crossing on my 2-rail layout.  I removed the solenoid actuators and am driving them with a single Tortoise slow motion turnout motor.  (Tortoise bel crank & cable actuators are parts 800-8100 and 800-8101)  Below are photos of the test rig I built to adjust the throws before mounting the gates on the layout.  I'm pleased with the realistic the movement of the gates that the Tortoise provides.    Block occupancy detectors on the approaches to the crossing on each track that will trigger the Tortoise to close or raise the gates.   I'm looking for recommendations for a circuit to flash the lights when the gates are activated.  What flashing circuit do you recommend?IMG_2579IMG_2581IMG_2582


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@CA John posted:

Hi Barnun,

Thanks for sharing your crossing gate project.  I really like the video.  I have two of those (I think they are Bachmann) crossing gates.  This looks like an excellent winter project.  Did you have any additional information that you could share?


John, be glad to share, that's the great thing about this forum.  What I used were Plasticville crossing gates (they are sometimes shown as S gauge and I believe produced by Bachman) that can be found really cheap.  The servos are standard SG90s, widely available and also reasonably priced.  The PCB was produced by JLCPCB and if you're interested I'll post the Gerber File to the repository here on OGR.  Tomorrow I'll look up the spec's on the brass then pass that on to you.


Parts List :

Brass Strip : K&S #8230 .016 x 1/4 (.41mm x 6.35mm) Strip (2 pieces - top & bottom slide)
Down Rod & Linkage : K&S #8160 .032 (.81mm) Rod
Crossbar : K&S #8125 1/16 x.014 (1.57mm) Tube
Crossbar Swivel : K&S # 8126 3/32 x.014 (2.38mm) Tube
Linkage Stoppers : 1.6mm (2 - solder the one for the down rod, servo arm is free spinning)
Resistor : 220 Ω 1/8W (Current Limiter For LED)
Thread Lock : Locktite Blue 242
3 Pin Horizontal Male Header P=2.54mm (connection to controller)
5 Pin Vertical Male Header P=2.54mm (connection to Servo & LED)
3mm Flashing LED (Red)
(conductive) Adhesive Copper Foil
PCB (Gerber File attached)
Small piece of hardwood (for mounting block)
Dowel Rod (connection between mounting block & layout, think I used a Bamboo BBQ Skewer)

Also attaching one extra picture and since I couldn't find a Gerber repository (must have been thinking of the 3D repository), I'm attaching the Gerber here.



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@CA John posted:

Hi BD,

' I know I could do it!'


John, you are very welcome and I've got faith in ya'.  As Bob Walker stated try and have fun with the project.  Since this was also my first servo project I found a lot of information on both the web and YouTube.  I find the Dronebot Workshop tutorials well done and very informative, plus he covers many kinds of different devices.  Those will at least get your feet wet.  Best of luck.


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