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Are you using the original CAB-1, or the newer Legacy CAB-1L?

Personally I always found the original CAB-1 to be quite vague, but as we know, these are desperate times.   If you are using the original, when you turn the knob, look for a red light flashing on the black command base.  Beyond that, make sure your base is plugged directly into a grounded outlet (absolutely no 3-2 "cheat" adapters!)  And for best performance, no surge suppressors or long extension cords either.

One last thought... I know that it's possible to put Legacy locos into a "switcher mode," where the speed steps are cut in HALF for more slow-speed precision.  If this is what's happened to your loco, the manual probably contains a process to set it back to "road engine."  My $.02.

@davido1224 posted:

I picked up a legacy Great Northern GP7 and i have to turn the speed "knob" about 2 full turns before it responds...after that it is fine controlling speed until i reverse...then its 2 full turns again...

Is there something i can reset to let this be a bit more responsive?


I'm with DaveC. Check the momentum settings. I've found the same response "lag" with higher settings.

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