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I just purchased a Rail King Bump & Go Trolley for my Holiday Village and train layout. The trolley will run back and forth on 10 feet of Fastrack raised to Village level and separate from the floor level train layout. When I checked how it ran last night, I used one of the 3 Lion Chief transformers from my layout. It ran so fast that it knocked off one of the bumpers at the end of the track. My original plan was to use a wired connection off of a portion of Fastrack from the layout which runs 3 trains on over 110 feet of track. After the test of the Trolley, I believe it will still be way too fast, but I wonder if all that track would drop the voltage? Would a AC Adapter that has an output of 4.5 V work on the Trolley to run it slower? If not, what can I run the Trolley with?   

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As for the less capable LionChief DC power supplies, they are not helping the situation as they are applying a full throttle 18VDC to the track. As for options for lowering the voltage, one shouldn't expect the track length to drop the voltage as this is exactly the opposite of what well laid track is to do. As for proper options for slowing the bump go, this was discussed not that long ago:

Agreed with the above, need to power the trolley line independently. I ended up using a cheap CW-30, which so far has been running great for the past year. I find my trolley line track seems to get dirtier faster than the other track, its nice having independent control to bump the power a tad to overcome the changing track conditions.

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Yeh, I bought an Adjustable Power Adapter for about $15 a while back and it's working fantastic. I even have it hidden under a snow blanket but it has a dim power light which makes it easy to find and make slight adjustments when needed without removing the snow blanket. My wife didn't want any additions to our Village but admits now that the Trolley really fits in perfect and is a great addition. Next year hoping to add a larger working Ski Hill.


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