They keep following me home! LOL

Picked up a 2353 set today, as well as a 2340 GG1. The GG1 had a professional restoration many years ago, and still looks great. Gave it a quick service this afternoon and had her running some laps. 

Now I need to pick up a 2333 set to make a complete collection to go with the 2343’s and 2353’s. 

Also built another display shelf yesterday. Pretty happy how it came out. This one can actually hang on the wall vs. the other one lol.E03549CE-43EA-4DB5-A3B3-C1F12C75D00BD4735F42-3BCD-460A-B1EA-74F87FA8B0CC5D1DFA9E-CCFF-4E93-A46C-A664524E3D08


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A8113A85-82EA-4E53-8A67-17AF5004D3B65F048279-4B1F-453A-B066-FF973DA7ED30E6543E6A-24D2-4BE6-8F77-CACCD7292447BD0ECC62-26C3-448E-B77D-DD3C611A37502FD05F12-DFED-4B69-85F9-EE5C575D5223FB88A482-B864-4C90-B444-8D75C1AC25C1CCD0CC71-7ECE-464E-AE73-A31C89FAB317D493D21B-53F2-4EA2-B55D-2E541407FA25D4E0F8EA-B164-4A1E-AF89-BB3EF95ADE527AB856A4-76FA-445B-B7ED-8F6B61C64A7D62027915-CFB3-470B-9AC3-A7C3CB8E3BDE1FECA26A-4FD9-43AF-BF33-C09CD7D423CD61706679-2532-4EBB-A38D-0F5351D126A5BD99FF08-BB1D-4FE1-B9C5-4B8E2D319FC09D047B9B-E793-4AEA-B9AF-FDD79066586BBCB468EA-E6A7-4207-A33C-F09F7D73033CBeen a busy couple months on the layout. Figured I’d share a little update. Redid the main table to add a couple lines. Also been picking up some goodies here and there. I feel so professional now with 2 ZW’s running the show!

My Lionmaster challenger made it back from the repair shop today. Had some wiring issues. I also dropped off the Proto1 Empire State Express at the shop the other weekend. It is receiving a Proto3 upgrade. Looking forward to getting it back! 

A couple videos-


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"Slowly Expanding"?!?  Looks like you're diving right in!  I'm a fellow fan of Postwar and congratulate you on some awesome finds!  I'm a bit jealous at the moment as all my stuff is in storage as yours once was; looking to be getting a new place next summer with room for a layout.  Glad you're teaching yourself how to work on the guts of the old locos, I did the same thing and that's why I've stuck with the traditional stuff (though I do appreciate the new stuff).

Keep searching!

LOL! It’s worse than a drug addiction, I swear!

Thank you! Yes very happy to be able to finally have them out, and be able to run them. It’s very soothing after a long day, to go in there and unwind, let em roam the rails, 

hopefully you’ll have your layout up soon enough. I know the feeling! 

Im pretty excited. I purchased a 2245 TX special, and am waiting for it to come in the mail. Been wanting one for a while, and was finally able to strike a deal for one. Thinking of  making it a dual motored unit like the rest of em, but we will see when it gets here. 

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