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Hi All,

I have built some nifty occupancy detectors with IR sensors that basically fit under a piece of fastrack - it’s a relatively simple pcb, has two IR sensors, and sensitivity pot, and a esp8266 chip that sends occupancy data over wifi via MQTT.  (I have a software dev/industrial IoT background). Currently this is all powered by a separate 3v dc buss.  My question is since I have 18v ac right at the fastrack - is there a good safe and *compact* way I could just take power from the track and have everything inside a piece of fastrack?  I know there are thing like the Lionel crossing gates that have lower voltage components - but they are not constantly on.  I worry most about heat and of course building a board that is small enough to fit under the track.   It’s not a huge deal to have a separate power source, but it would be good to have all this capability I built available in adhoc setups too and not having to run separate power.  Compact and dealing with any heat seem to be my challenges.




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It should be pretty easy to power from the 18V Fastrack, it obviously depends on the current required.  Given that the esp8266 is pretty low power, I'd assume a simple linear regulator setup would do the job here.  What voltage and what current are you looking for?

What overall footprint are you allowing for?

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