does anyone have or knows of someone that may have a small to med size mining building. Im working on an area that needs something cool and attractive. An mining operation setting would be a great setting for my layout. Thanks, let me know.


Rich Meleski,

Hickory Hill

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I purchased the back issues of Railroad Model Craftsman from December 1976 and January 1977 that describes kit bashing the "Frenda Mine" out of two plastic kits; Bachman's coaling tower, and an AHM store house. I'm re-drawing them in Adobe Illustrator and have them almost done. I can sent you PDFs of the mine when complete. Here's the drawing images.


This right-side view shows a single-level tipple. It also shows a vertical mine shaft as evidenced by the house with the big sheave on top.


Frend Mine 1 tipple


The left side view shows a double-height tipple and a horizontal shaft entrance. I'm designing it entirely for scratch-building. I've built a Gloor Craft coaling tower which closely follows the same timber building practice. I like the verticality of the design, I also like that it doesn't take up too much lateral space. I'm going to structure the mountain so this structure will fit right in. The houses will be board and batten siding.

Frenda Mine 2 Tipple

 To scale the drawings, I assumed that the door ways were 79". I resized the windows so some Tichy products would drop in.


Hope this helps.


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Thanks, trainman, the drawing are wonderful. I was hoping that someone would have a kit or building already made so that I would buy iy from them. But I'll keep the drawings for future use. Thanks again.



Hickory Hill

BTS mines are magnificent, but they're quite expensive, which is the reason I'm exploring a scratch-build project. I you're interested I can sell you a complete set of drawings when they're completed.

the photos are great, I know that mines are costly, Im in the stage of my layout that the mine scene is just a thought and soon to come to life. But thanks again for the info

Hello Trainman, 


I love your drawings, and like you I agree that the BTS kits are sensational, but they don't fit in my budget.....  


I  would be very interested in getting a set of your drawings.  I have a similar issue which is I can give up vertical height, but don't have a whole lot of horizontal real estate available, particularly since it needs to be built on the side of a mountain.  


I have already kitbashed two plasticville coaling towers  together for my engine coal service,  I should take a photo as it's about 90% done, but it's two kits wide and I made it taller as well... Anyway, I'd love a set of drawings.  If you are printing them out on something larger than 8.5 x 10, I would also be happy to pay postage for a set of larger prints.  Otherwise I should be able to print them on my B/W Canon laser printer. 


Chris Ambrosini  -  Chris a

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Hello Trainman,

I know this thread has been inactive for a while, but I was wondering if you might still have the mine drawings and be able to send them to me? I'm building a layout and from the looks of the two drawings in this thread, a mine of this size and structure would be just the ticket.


Yup! I can still send them to you via this post. One is the original drawings in the RMC from 1977, the other has my parts drawn on top for laser cutting or conventional modeling.

Frenda Mine 2 TippleFrenda Mine Drawings


Images (2)

Edit Add:  The retention walls are part of the kit.  You have a fair amount of work creating the hill side.   Here is a picture of the construction of the Cabin Creek model.

Takes some time, and a small band saw to cut parts.  I was fortunate there were only two or three foundations to model. Small blocks of clear pine work well/painted.

Note that the model is modular, easy to move and work-on.  I've always believed that a very good model foundation is a plus. 

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This is awesome thank you for posting these drawings. Just wondering if anyone has ever built this and how it came out. 

These models are currently on display, Beaver, PA (Vanport) McDonalds, through the holiday season.

There is a glass display case, near the counter.  Best wishes for the holiday season.

I really like this mine operation and saved the pictures. I made a mock up of the main central 2 story section and it is turning out huge.  I can not find any dimensions, are there any available so I can gauge size or am I just missing them? Thank you for this, it is giving me some inspiration.


What about an small 'old time' mine - see attached. this particular one is JV Models 4019 Burnt River Mine.



4019 Burnt River Mine


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Joe that looks nice but I am trying to keep in lines with something the Virginian line would have operated on. Something southern West Virginia.


I found this on google - perhaps more pertinent to your area


BTS <big>Mill Creek Coal & Coke Tipple No. 2</big>

Supposed to be a composite of seversal different tipples in WV.




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Mike CT 

In the coming year I plan to build the first of two BTS coal tipples.  First up will be Cabin Creek.  Can you give me a rough idea of the time it took you to build your great looking model?


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Hi Trainman,

Relatively new member here. I came across this previous thread while searching the forum for info on a mining scene. Do you still have the drawings mentioned above?  It appears to be in the size range for my small layout. Have you built it and could you share some photos?  




Cabin Creek took some time (?? may be a month, off and on ??).  The base and grade for the two different levels was complicated.  Square, level, plumb, all those construction things.  Pictures of the build.   I had another forum member ask for a template of the grade.  Let me know when you get into the project, I'd be glad to forward a template.   Mike.  

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