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Details of the means of attachment would be useful (perhaps they are in the 3D library?).  The deflectors on my 3rd Rail Niagara didn't survive removal and placement in the original factory box over the years, as I rotated locos through desktop display prior to retirement and layout construction.  They're not available as replacement parts from 3rd Rail, so I need to engage in some critical brass soldering adventures or seek a suitable substitute.  I haven't noticed whether the NYC ever applied these to Hudsons, but if one has multiple Hudsons in one's roundhouse, it would be fun to apply "ears" to one as a fantasy project, if nothing more.

A built in stanchion clips over the hand rail.  There is a slot that clips over the walkway edge and a pad under the front frame.  On the Hudson version a tab clips in the hole in the frame in the front.  Painting and method of permanent attachment, glue, tape whatever I leave up to the user.    More info in the 3D instructions.

Picture of the boiler side of the deflector showing the stanchion, slot and pad.


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