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All thanks, i cleaned it up but now it wont start.... I have a Lionel 6-84109, GP7, Lion Chief with Bluetooth.

When i apply power to the track the number board lights come on, and then i turn on the remote, but nothing happens, no beep beep Nothing. I did try a reset with the remote, but again nothing, and the light on the remote blinks. Next, i switched the engine to transformer, but only number board lights come on, and engine does not run.  I suspect i may have shorted the board somehow, as the reason this started, i was replacing the smoke unit.  Any ideas for trouble shooting that dont require an electrical degree???   THanks

I'm assuming you had the shell off, right?

I would honestly go back, remove the shell, and check all the connections. I had my LC+2.0 shell off for some work. When I put it back together, I pinched a wire. Fixed the wire, still had the problem.

Then I discovered I had a wire plugged into the wrong port. I fixed that and things went back to normal.

I didn't have your exactly symptoms but it's worth going back in to check the wires.

Isopropyl alcohol and Qtips. Just had a smoke leak that ruined a speaker on a fairly new MTH Premier engine. It appears that on some engines (I would check them all as I found two others in my fleet that had the same issue) the rubber "gasket" that seals the smoke fluid inlet to the shell of the engine is not centered allowing a hasty smoke fluid fill to leak inside to the electronics. I would reapply the alcohol and let it dry out well overnight. Try again in the morning. Worked for me

Be careful with Alcohol as it will attack many paints.  A safer alternative may be Acetone (Lighter fluid), it rarely affects paint.  Naturally, you should test any solvent on an unseen area to make sure it will not damage the finish.

I think acetone is pretty harmful. Lighter fluid is Naphtha and is as you say easy on things. I've use much of it cleaning the mechanicals of camera lenses.

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