Smoke motors for American flyer /Lionel engines.........

For anyone interested................You can purchase the little micro mini n20 DC motor for a lot less than Lionel replacement parts.  I found them on ebay for 1,90 each,   these motors are the same size that Lionel sent me.  Anyone one interested I'll be glad to help you get the correct ones.....

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Here is the ebay page.........

these motors are 6 to 12 volts DC....I think Lionel list there's as 6 volts......I have gone thru a dozen lionels so anything is an improvement .....You will need to test each motor and determine polarity of each (you want it to run counterclockwise)   I used a 9 volt battery to do this......good luck




I have been doing a little more research on these motors.....I first did a autsphoy of my lionel motors and discovered that most failed because one of the little metal brushes got to hot and I checked the new motors I bought on ebay and they have the same type of metal brush.....NOT GOOD,,,,  I then started to search for other types of motors and I found one.   Same size in every respect but they have Carbon brushes.  I have ordered some for testing purposes.......good chance this is the way to go...........



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Same size in every respect but they have Carbon brushes.  I have ordered some for testing purposes.......good chance this is the way to go...........

Any plans to share this source, or is it a secret?

billy jack posted:

Here is the place I purchased my motors.....


If those measurements are correct, you have one little issue.  The spacing on a BE-0000041 smoke motor for MTH and Lionel is 8.5mm, I measured one of each. 

I looked at the specifications, they will really be screaming with 5V on them!


  • Motor Specifications: 10 * 12 mm
  • Motor Height: 15.5 mm (Without output shaft)
  • Output Shaft: 1.0 mm
  • Output Shaft Length: 6.5 mm
  • Voltage: 3 V
  • Current: 0.05 A
  • Speed: 15300 RPM
  • Voltage: 4.5 V (Recommended voltage)
  • Current: 0.06 A
  • Speed: 23000 RPM
  • Voltage: 6 V
  • Current: 0.07 A
  • Speed: 31000 RPM
  • Motor Weight: 6 g


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My first set of motors show the same spec, as the second purchase.   I installed a motor in a smoke unit for a Y-3 and it screwed in just fine......if you go to ebay and type in micro mini DC can motors you will find dozens of motors with different voltages......N20 is the size.....and like I said before I think carbon brushed motors are going to be the better motor.....I really like the brush end cap on this motor.  all this is based on my memory of my slot car days......

I am looking forward to testing these I correct in saying that the smoke motor on challenger or y-3 is 6v?


I just received a couple of these motors.  IMO, they are NOT suitable for smoke fan motors!  Both of my samples draw 300ma running free on 5VDC.  That's an order of magnitude more than typical smoke motors draw, and they will certainly not function in Legacy, TMCC, or DCS environments.  The Legacy motor monitoring will surely shutdown on 300ma, and the TMCC smoke regulator is a TO92 package that's good for 40-50ma max without a heatsink, and it will totally shutdown instantly on anything over 100ma.  A 300ma motor in a DCS locomotive would surely cause all sorts of issues as I've seen motors drawing that kind of current drive the PS/2 electronics nuts!

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