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Just making sure before I power things up. I just rebuilt an old PS-1 smoke unit with two 16 ohm resistors I wired them parallel for 8 ohms and removed the voltage regulator part of the board. Am I correct that is the standard for PS-2 and 3 ? Curious, what is the voltage supplied by the PS-2 board to the smoke resistor ? Is it the same regardless of whether the board is a PS-2 3v or 5v board ?          J


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Not quite true.  Positive DC voltage slightly higher than track AC voltage is applied to the element.  The return to ground is PWM.  It varies based on smoke unit size, and engine model including steam versus diesel.  Program controlled how much heat.  But a good estimate is in the 6V range.

The fan gets 5VDC input and again ground is PWM including a brake FET to do the puff on steam.  G

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