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I have the subject smoke unit that has a 8 ohm resistor and fan.  I don't know the original application but it looks to be for a diesel and connects to a mother board I assume.

With the 8 Ohm it looks like it needs 5 V or so to smoke.  It has 3 pins input (see pics).

I'm trying to use it for constant smoke, ( no puffing) on a Lionel Accessory 175 Rocket launcher.  I can provide it 5V from my accessory transformer Lionel LW.

All pins are open circuit except for one pair which gives me about 8 ohms.  (resistor?)

I applied 5V and got no action, fan running is what I call action.

Any ideas to get this running without more electronics??

Thanks BobIMG_6337IMG_6338


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Try jumpering the two outside pins together, that's usually the missing link on some of these smoke units.  If that doesn't do it, you probably have a fan power supply issue.  Top suspect is the LM78L05 regulator, next is the capacitor.  The diode rarely fails, but it might, it's a common 1N4003 diode.

Of course, you might have a bad fan motor as well, unplug it and try it with a DC power supply, no more than 5VDC maximum.

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You jump the outside pins and then just apply normal power to one outside pin and the center pin.  There is a fly in the ointment for your use however.  If you plan on keeping the 8 ohm resistor, you won't have enough voltage on the fan power supply at 5V in to properly run the fan.

I'd change the resistor to a higher value for your building use.  If you replace it with a standard Lionel 27 ohm resistor, you can run it on 12-14 volt accessory AC power after jumpering those two pins.


Now I know why I don’t hear the fan. Not moving at 5v but at 12 you would cook the resistor or at least the unit.
Not sure I have a 27 ohm but I have a 20 ohm that I use to upgrade Lionel steamers.
The 20 ohm should work since the rocket will have no more that a minute run time.
Thanks John.
Would it be safe to run that 8 ohm for 5 seconds at 12 volts to make sure my wiring is correct and that the fan works?

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