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The fan for the smoke unit on my NYC Hudson J3 (Lionel #1931450) has started to make a loud squealing sound.  Sometimes the smoke unit won't operate at all.  My LHS took the unit in for repair and unfortunately was not able to replace the fan/smoke unit.  They were not able to source the part due to Lionel's cut back on parts inventories.  I don't know if that is true or not, but the best they could do was to oil the fan's bearings and charge me for their time.  Within 5 minutes of having the steamer on the tracks at home, the problems started all over again.

Can you all give me a solid source for getting this locomotive repaired?  I have a hard time believing that a new fan/smoke unit assembly isn't available for a locomotive that is only a few years old.

Thanks for your help

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See for yourself, Lionel is NOT listing a lot of parts and sometime none at all for newer engines 2019 and up. That's Lionel as they apparently want you to send them more work.

That said, it's pretty much a standardized smoke unit system and that is a known group of parts and no, you just replace the fan motor and impeller not the entire unit.

So it's most likely one of these 2

And then again, just a good idea to replace or have a spare impeller in my experience.

Probably one of the 2 sizes in stock

I've also known that if it fits (length is slightly longer than the short Lionel version)- you can substitute the MTH common smoke fan motor.

And they sell single units or 5 packs


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@romiller49 posted:

Hugo, you haven’t mentioned if you are comfortable tearing into your engine. If you are then it’s an easy fix. If not then certainly contact one of the guys here on the forum that do this kind of repair.

Thank you for this suggestion, Rod.  I'm very mechanically inclined but unfortunately, my dexterity limits me from working on anything smaller than an aircraft

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