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So I’ve got a ‘95 4-4-2 New York central steam loco #8632 it’s in good shape but when I bought it the smoke unit was cooked. I bought a new one changed it out and it worked for a few days then boom burnt out as well. It’s NEVER been run without smoke fluid in it. I did research on how Lionel mixes their petralatum products and I’ve made my own modified variety of the exact blend with my own scent so yea it’s not lionel but it’s almost indistinguishable from Lionel’s product (at least to me). If anyone can give me some incite as to why this may keep happening I’d really appreciate it. I’m currently on #3 this is th first day it’s been in and I have only run it a few small loops around my seasonal Christmas track for my son. Someone told me to check the colts on the transformer because I was running it on a set of fastrack that came with a newer Pennsylvania flyer set. This particular engine came with old school O-27 in the box. It seems to be alright for now but if anyone can give me information before I tot with it anymore I’d appreciate the help! Thanks guys!


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Not sure what in the world you’ve got going on buddy, as GGG mentioned, check the resistance of that smoke unit, technically, if you burn up a resistor, it should just become an open circuit, and not affect performance, unless your special blend smoke fluid is somehow causing the smoke chamber and puffer mechanism to become melted when the resistor burns up. If the paddle is jammed because of melting, I could see it maybe lurching a little, but not slowing to a crawl....when checking resistance of the smoke element sure no wires or connections are touching the shell, again as GGG mentioned, this smoke unit is hard wired straight to track power via a switch , might post up some pics of your set up, just to see if something is funny looking.......that’s a weird one.......Pat

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I figured it out! The smoke unit was burning way hotter than it was supposed to and obviously sucking electricity from the engine(haven’t figured that part out but I’m looking into it). Someone recommended I check the volts from the transformer to the track and he said sometimes they can affect how how the unit gets. I put it on the track it came with ran it for about an hour and no slowing down and no burnt smoke unit! Beautifully performing as intended! Thanks again guys. I’ll try and figure out why it was sucking power like it was and get back to you guys

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