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SmokeyWood & Chalmers Railway has been chartered 2-10-2024.

Right of Way secured and graded.

Turntable arrived and awaiting placement by MOW.

Upper level Double track main line scheduled for surveying.


Atlas O scale Turntable from Train Sets Only. Great Price $282


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SmokeyWood & Chalmers Railway layout 1.0

An elevated track plan is on hold for finalized first level. Figure 8 design cancelled because reversing achieved at junction with inner loop. Rico station will be detailed and renamed Sunnyvale? Trainville? TonyTown? (Town name still being deliberated on)  Plasticville dinner modified into a Bar-B-Que. Model Power houses will be detailed or replaced.  Intermodal yard to get another track for forklift unloading. Switches arriving soon. Mostly 036 for size limitations. All locomotives on rooster run 031, even the Sherman Hill Big Boy #4004. Will do test runs with conventional plug and play power connections to check clearances, train movement functions and most importantly playability!


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Track Layout 1.0

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