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 Maybe you guys shouldn't watch this yet? I just have plywood and track for now. I'm building two layouts and upgrading equipment. Of course, most two rail guys won't use smoke units in their equipment like I will. Maybe someday I'll learn that two rail is no fun! For now, watch if you dare!

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 Thank you. I hope the videos working.

The first Allegheny's fan was blocked and I had to play the toothpick in the hole game. I got it to work and it seems to be getting stronger. At first, I thought it was wired backwards. This engine came from the late nineties and the smoke unit was never turned on! So I was shocked when it started working after a few minutes. I took the video after and wondered if I posted the right one Bernie?


Originally Posted by Stephen Bloy:

Joe   Didn't you have a Sunset Allegheny at one time? did you give it up in favour of the MTH version?  There a nice sight together, I'm gona get one of those some time! Im hanging out for a triplex first, I wonder if MTH will ever do a two rail run???     Stephen   (cTr....Choose the Right)

Yes, still have it. It's three rail still. So she's my shelf queen for now.

Originally Posted by Hudson J1e:

Video worked for me. Cool video Joe.


Was the '90s Allegheny an original 2 rail locomotive or was it converted?


That SF hopper looks a little out of scale.

The lead Allegheny is an original MTH PS1 2 rail unit. The second one, Joe F converted the axles to 2 rail for me.

 I can't believe I bought three of them. I must have blacked out at the time? I almost bought the Lionel JC version. Thankfully I keep getting out bid.

Joe        You have a bite of a love affair with Allegheny's going on there! The JLC version would have to be very close to the Sunset model detail wise. I was disappointed MTH didn't offer the Allegheny as a two rail model in there last catalogue. I could have been tempted.       Stephen    (cTr...Choose the Right)


I said the same thing when I saw it only came as three rail. That may have saved me more money!

 I passed on the Lionel cause the price got too high and I would have had to sent her out for the axle conversion to two rail on top of that.

 The Sunset is a beauty. I'm actually building a three rail loop because of her. I have drooled over the two rail version and let that one slip by also. I can't bring myself to go over the thousand mark yet. The newest MTH 2rl  Challenger had me on the edge.

 The G gauge version only cost me $800 at that time and it's way up there now. I guess I have to choose what and where to spend. I chose to go with a quantity of diesels to haul many long trains. I passed on the Overland diesels and that one left me crying. I wish I didn't start with three scales at once.

 I stumbled on that 2rl Allegheny and the price kept going down until I couldn't refuse any longer. I'm now drifting over dangerously towards the steam era. I've got six seven eight? all together. I need to stop!! Good thing the grandkids are in school because they prefer steam.

 If MTH releases another G scale big steamer, I'm buying it. There goes my last self imposed hurdle. The under a thousand limit. What a hobby!

Joe     I totally concur, where to stop!! I envy people who model this time frame or that and strictly stay within it, or they model this railroad or that strictly. I just love it all, I wished I had grabbed MTH's Triplex in Gauge One when it was $700.00 but shipping to Australia is always a problem, with such a large model. Im still trying to resist Gauge One, will I sircome?        Stephen    (cTr...Choose the Right)

Wow, that's really cool!  I watched some of your other videos, and the different larger scales are very nice.  I have been personally tempted by G scale just because of the three truck shays, never mind all the other neat stuff.  Much of the G equipment seems downright affordable when placed side by side with O.  Three truck shay for >$500?  Can't even get close to that in O.   But right now I only have room for my O scale windowsill railway, G wouldn't fit.  So my trains just sit there and make noise, honk the horn and squeal the brakes.  Still love it.

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