To my knowledge, there has never been a snoot nose SD40-2 produced in O scale (besides in those very expensive brass models). These are the same as a standard SD40-2 but the nose is noticeably longer, designed to accommodate equipment for "Locotrol" which was an early way to control DPU's.




The first is a snoot nose SD40-2, compared to a regular SD40-2 in the second picture


How much interest would there be if a model of this were to be produced? There's definitely plenty of road names to paint them in and most of them are still running around today.



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The SD40-2 is one of my favorite locomotives, model and prototype. Since I'm modeling primarily the early 90's, I would love to have a variety of -2's. Santa Fe had them in I believe three different nose lengths(81,88, and 123 inch), which if modeled, would add variety to a fleet.


I would buy several in at least four or five roads(BN,UP,SF, BNSF, Southern Railway).


I've owned several brass SD40-2's in O scale and S scale in Santa Fe and UP, but would really like to see a good plastic scale 2 rail model with the different nose lengths.


S scale OMI 123"nose




Short nose OMI 81or 88" nose?




Photos (3)



Very nice photos. I certainly would buy both the standard noses and the snoot nose versions of the ATSF SD40-2. My suggestion to you guys is to email Scott Mann of Sunset 3d Rail and tell him of your interest.



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