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I don't come here often, however I'd like to discuss a new way of making snow for O gauge trains. As many here know, O gauge trains can, and often look good in a winter setting. So I'd like to share with you today a new method that has potential:

As you can see by the photo, the effect is okay. I haven't perfected it yet, but here is what I know:

1. Use joint compound to fill gaps and holes in the layout surface. You can sand the compound if you like

2. Use the joint compound to build drifts. Large drifts require foam or other material below for support.(joint compound also cracks when too thick)

3. Take white paint and apply several coats of it. (warning, do not mark any lines in the joint compound or wood with marker as it will bleed through)

4. Finish the snow surface by adding snow powder to make it look glossy.

The result is pretty good. Thing I'd do differently are:

Use true white, not off white or any white looking paint as the surface will tend to look yellowish with any color but white.

I would use more of Woodland Scenic s snow because it looks great, but it absorbs the paint color, making it look more like rocks than snow. If I had used more, then it would have stuck and stayed the same color.

And I would use more realistic trees. However, the Lemax trees that I had look OK as they are.

The other good part about this method is that you can always add more layers of paint and snow to it. In fact, the more layers you add, the better it looks.
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