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I have such a large snow area on the layout that was intended from the start to be permanent. I worried about dust and the inevitable yellowing effect. I decided finally on just using flat white paint as much of the surface would be covered by buildings, accessories, and trees. I never regretted this decision.





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For snowmaking, I like to use the fans that jet plane modelers use to simulate jet engines, such as the Delta-V 15 69mm Electric Ducted Fan:





They are available here:


With a little kit bashing, they can be made to be very convincing:




N.B.:  You have to wire them up BACKWARDS, so that the fans turn in the correct direction.


The next problem is the water feed. We all know that real water on a layout is generally a bad idea, but in this case there is no choice.  I usually use a small pump to feed the water into the snowmaker from a gallon bottle under the platform.  If this is a permanent setup, be sure to add a little bleach to the water to avoid mold.


Of course, the biggest problem is getting the room cold enough. I usually only do snowmaking for my holiday layout, so here in Pennsylvania just opening all the windows overnight usually does the trick.


I found that I needed to make five snowmakers in order to get adequate coverage.  As you can see here, this is adequate in order to be fairly convincing:





I think it works pretty well.  The biggest problem is that the snow only lasts a few minutes.  The following picture was taken about 5 minutes after the above shot:




Hope this helps.



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Hello Chris, my layout is all winter.

I did what Passenger Train Collector suggested and painted most of the top of my layout with flat white paint.

Every year I purchase a few bags of the fine granular style styrofoam, Michaels or Hobby Lobby carry it.


And like every winter in the real world my layout get a fresh new coating of snow where the areas look yellow or discolored or someplace I changed the scenery. 


My wife says that this is the best part, taking a handful of this fine styrofoam and gently throwing it into the air and letting it fall.


I just keep the fine styrofoam away from the tracks or turnouts because I don't want to get the styrofoam up inside any of my steam engines.

This styrofoam also glistens a bit so it looks good under the lights.


I am still looking for a good way to cover my track ballast with snow so it looks like snow right up to the rails.

Have fun !!!!


Mark strittmatter

TCA # 14-69917

Indiana PA.

I have used many techiques, and found that Noch snow (has a bit of diamond dust) sprinkled on untinted fusion fiber works for rural, lawns etc.


fresh light snow sprinkle



Heavy snow, fusionfiber lumped with noch snow





texture is an important part of realism, if that is the effect you are trying to achieve. Also there have been no yellowing issues. A small box of Noch snow goes a long way. 

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