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Yes, there's wind up in "them thar mountains!" 

They are actually under a high wind warning that is headed east. Put some paperweights on that muscle car of yours. 


Excuse me Tom, but if I want bad weather reports, I’ll watch the news!!!   


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Hey MNCW.............much tanks for posting a picture of that Sperry Car.  Last night I decided to check on the HorseShoe Curve cam, and I started to see the

S U P E R bright white light(s) just as the car was entering the outer most had me wondering what it is and does!  I'll go check this out

But, hey, what a difference to see it compared to freights and passenger trains.....

Meanwhile on the Ashland cam......two inconsiderate nits were PARKED in the road by the clock......I guess waiting to see a train? With all the parking off to the side, I cannot understand.......sure enough some poor VW bug came along and had to flash the high beams (and then left them on) to get the dunderheads to move along!

I enjoyed the 2018 highlights.  Just don’t have much time to watch live.

I live near Ashland, and used to own a house on that line, just south of Ashland.  It’s pretty busy on those rails.

A few comments about some of the highlights I saw from Ashland:

• Drivers getting confused and turning onto the tracks happens all  the time.  With streets running parallel to the tracks, and the nice flat crossing, some people just forget there are tracks between the streets.  Just glad there are cameras now.  I notice the news reporting more stories when it happens because of the camera.  Not just reporting when a car gets hit.  Awareness is the only chance to reduce the problem.  All the signs at the crossing just doesn’t seem to work for some.

•  A decent size college (Randolph Macon) is located on the east side of the tracks.  Many of the off campus hangouts are on the west side of the tracks, including the brew pub.  Having tracks between the kids and their favorite  beer and coffee, gives opportunities to do some really stupid things such as trying to outrun a train on foot and crawling under a stationary train.

• Every year Ashland has a train day festival, in the fall.  I usually work a display for our train club.  At a designated time all the participants wave at the camera.  Unfortunately for 2018, we were located on the other side of the tracks and a slow train blocked us from the camera at the appointed time.  Better luck next year.

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