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I won 2 premier unpainted early steam engines with missing components.  I have no intention on trying to get these to run.  I just want to have a little fun with weathering.  I am still waiting on a new invoice for the shipping charges.  I am in no hurry as I have so many other projects around the house that I have no time to play anyway!

I think the auctions have been run quite well.  I would be leery about purchasing an engine to actually run it.  I've also seen things go for quite a bit more than the other auction site.  The 6-car skeleton log car set went for like $300, when it can usually be found for $150-$175 elsewhere.

If I was still into Standard Gauge I would have been a bidder on a ton of stuff.

I don't know how anyone can complain about the rules/fees of the auctions.  Read before you bid!

I bid and won items from two of the auctions. I have received both shipments in a reasonable time frame and the products were in good condition.

Satisfied with all aspects of the auctions.

As an aside, I was thinking this morning about a result on these purchases. None of the items came with their original boxes, or in the case of several engines, no manuals. That was certainly understandable and appropriate for the items and prices. I new what I was getting.

Now the aside, recall the threads in the forum on the issue of keeping boxes for your collections or discarding the packaging. In my situation, it does reinforce the point that keeping packaging is a superior outcome for ease of sale or reshipment in the future. For now, we can still lookup manuals on the MTH web site. I suspect they will still be out there, but it is a thought. I have a new appreciation for the value of the “stuff” that comes with the actual product.

Now, I have to figure out where it all is.


I received my items from the 2nd auction on Saturday.  Opened everything up, and I am very pleasantly surprised.

All items had their boxes and complete packaging which was nice (and not expected for two of them).  Most significantly, the Unfinished MTH Premier S-1 steam engine, which was advertised as "No Motor / Parts" and which appeared in the photos to be ONLY the shell and chassis / trucks, turned out to include everything except the board (which I already have inventory of), motor and the drive shafts.

Unexpectedly, all of the exterior detail pieces (train diver figure, cab covers, pop valves, ladders and grabrails, running board texture strips, lights and headlamp assembly, wiring harnesses for PS2, PS2 smoke unit, number plates, coupler panel cover...It was ALL there in a separate parts bag packed nicely with the loco in the correct box.  So I got essentially a DIY kit for a $1,200 loco for a couple hundred bucks and I couldn't be happier.  Even if I put $250 more into it to get the motors and shafts (although I don't think they'll be that much), I'd still be thrilled. (Which reminds me...anyone reading who might have a motor / drive shaft let me know!)

The Railking Production Sample BN E9 ABA units are superb, everything present (including 3V PS2 board) and just needs a BCR and it's ready to run.  Although I am thinking of putting that PS2 board into the S1 and using one of my PS1 boards in the RK E9...

I know everyone's experience will be different, but I am really very pleased with my orders and with how quickly they got to me.  Pics of the S1 attached.

I'll be watching the next auction closely.  @Cabin Fever Auctions did a great job of communicating with me and shipping my stuff quickly via FedEx.  Couldn't be happier.



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The 20-3311-1 PS2 3-Volt board Western Maryland Russian Decapod arrived today.  I lubed it, changed out the battery for a BCR2, and had to tighten one drivetrain nut.  It has a few places on the underside where the paint is slightly nicked, but looks great overall.  Everything operated correctly during a short run.  I am very pleased with it.  I am not very familiar with auctions, but I thought it was very easy to place a bid and make maximum bid online.  Cabin Fever was very prompt in replying back for payment and shipping payment.  I have wanted a WM Russian Decapod for years, but didn't want to pay the price when I saw any available.  I am happy I paid a good bit less than a production model of that vintage would have run.


Thanks for your response.    Sorry if i was a bit negative.   I was having some problems on my  end getting everything picked up, but so far, so good.   Thanks for keeping my pile of stuff  there till I could get it picked up.    I know how much work there is with all this.

And thanks to everyone else for responding.   Glad to hear most ppl were happy with the results.


I thought I should add my recent haul from the 2nd MTH Warehouse auction.  This beauty arrived yesterday...B1008A33-56C5-4D85-AF13-988DD672F69A

its in absolutely mint condition and runs like a top. The only minor annoyance is that it shows up as a 2-8-0 on the DCS remote, but the sounds, articulated chuff, and station stops are all T1.

I’ve wanted one of these since I learned they existed as a kid and I can’t wait to see it beat the Mallard’s speed record when they finish building #5550!

Paid about half of retail and worth every penny.

One very happy customer!


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