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I’ll chime in with my 2 pennies. Thank you to EDTCA for planning and execution of another York show given the fact the country still is not out of this pandemic yet. Still a very good turnout in vendors as well as folks who attended. As for the dealers with new product, I really did not miss them. I have more than enough trains and only look for a specific item and have been buying the postwar I did not get back when I started in the hobby again about 35 years ago. I did have trains and slot cars as a youngster.
I was just glad to attend having a single heart artery bypass surgery about 6 weeks ago and walking the halls was excellent exercise! Real glad waking up each morning and seeing the green grass from the top view!

I did buy a set of postwar 2023 UP silver/gray alcos for $100 to go with the 2400 series cars I have and I bought all the cab-1 big red buttons a dealer had in the Orange hall. My club needs at least one. These are excellent for shows we do.

That was the main purchases for me plus some parts I needed. Real nice to catch up with folks I have not seen in 1.5 years and it felt like a longer time than that.

April York is on the calendar!  

Real glad waking up each morning and seeing the green grass from the top view!

And the view was great up here!

Real nice to catch up with folks I have not seen in 1.5 years and it felt like a longer time than that.

April York is on the calendar!  

If you're talking about seeing people at the York Meet, the reason it felt like a longer time is because it was!   I hadn't seen many of these people for two years, did they sneak a York Meet in after the Fall 2019 meet?

I try to price all my items with room to negotiate, as about 90-95% of buyers in the member halls haggle on prices, and I am no different when buying, so being in the middle is where I want to be so I have that room to negotiate.  I think that this trip, only 3 buyers paid the asking price, and they bought single, lower-priced items.

I am convinced that many of the people with the outrageous prices are there mostly to socialize with their friends and couldn't care less if they sell anything.  And that is OK with me, as I enjoy looking at their stuff, and that doesn't cost a cent.

I probably met a half-dozen forum members for the first time this trip just from them recognizing my name from my badge.  That is another fun aspect of being a table-holder.  I've met so many interesting people, and had many interesting conversations over the years.



By time we got to your table on day 2 we were out of space in the suitcase & $$$....

Nice to meet you.


It was great to be back at York,  I could only spend one day.  After seeing this past fall meet I believe that the April meet will even be better.  Several train shops in the area have told me that the virus has renewed interest in trains.  It seemed that there were more young people at the meet than in previous meets.  Just wish I could have spent an additional day.  Had a great time on Thursday.

Not much more I can add. Everyone has their own view and experience at the York Meet. Mine was the same as always: lots and lots of fun seeing friends, meeting new people and being around all the trains!!

I was surprised how many vendors actually were there!  I saw a lot of good deals, a couple I purchased, and some delusional pricing. I was very happy with the entire Meet and I picked up our badges for April’s Meet.

It’s funny, we used to live a little over an hour from the York Fairgrounds. We would come in for the Meet and spend the three days there. Now after moving to Southern California, we spend the whole week there. Not only to make it a vacation but to visit with family and friends. And there still wasn’t enough time.

Looking forward to April!!

I thought that the # of vendors was in line with expectations considering Covid. IMHO, the # of vendors was down about 20%, but still enough there to keep me interested. I was there on Friday only. I thought the foot traffic was down about 30%, mostly unmasked. All in all a good experience. As we move further and further away from the Covid era I hope these #s will come up.

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