What projects have you got done cooped up at home. I’m not tied down at home yet as I’m considered essential personnel but I did get to some things I’ve been meaning to get to. 

1. Installed LED lighting in my red bird subway cars. ✅

2. finished my garbage flat. ✅

3. Got some new “Homies” on one of my platforms. ✅



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I have installed two Miller Engineering signs which have been laying around far too long, The City Light and Power sign and the Hamm's Beer sign.  I also painted and installed  River Leaf Models Hairpin Fencing around two of my baggage stations.   Also, I am in the process of  performing some routine scheduled maintenance on my "vast" roster of motive power.

I lubricated the wheels of all my Postwar train cars, replaced all 18 volt regular bulbs with 18 volt LEDs in my 16 022 switch tracks, and fixed a voltage drop on my layout thanks to great advice I got yesterday on the thread entitled: Good Layout Flaw? Huh!

MattR posted:

That is some pretty fancy framing! I have a tough time making popsicle stick houses

That’s Mianne bench work beautiful stuff. If my wife ever drags me to Florida when I retire that’s what my next bench work will be!  They are a forum sponsor here is a link:      http://www.miannebenchwork.com/



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I had a #6 switch laying around and couldn't remember why I bought it.  Friday I remembered...it was for a caboose track in my yard and I didn't have enough track to put it in at the time.  I ordered some Micro-Engineering track from MicroMark that day.  I've since installed the switch just waiting on the order to arrive so I can finish.

Other than that been (finally) running trains. Last time I had a session was back in August!

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