Not really a general off topic area here, so this is the closest to my question.  I know there are a lot here that take photos, so I'm hoping for some recommendations.  I have been using Apple's Aperture for a number of years, and found it to be the perfect software package for me.

- It can import only the RAW files or videos from my camera.
- It knows what it has already imported so I don't get duplicates when I reconnect my cameras.
- It has the perfect amount of adjustments.
- It has keywords and facial recognition.
- I can create smart albums by tags (aka keywords).
- None destructive editing as well as always have access to the original file for export to other software if needed.
- Lastly, it works on OS X.

Sadly Apple stopped support a couple years ago, and recently stated it will no long run on the next MacOS version. So I'm now in a pickle. What do I use? I am looking for recommendations of software that I can look to move to. I have years and years of photos already so this is going to be a painful process no matter what I do. I know my 1st option is to not upgrade my Mac (It is a 2010 Mac Pro tower, so it may not even support the newer MacOS.) but although they do last a long time, they don't last forever and I will have to replace it at some point. But I'd rather be more forward thinking. So I ask. Requirements:

- No subscription based software, period! I prefer free and open source in the hopes it lives a long time, but I am willing to pay for the right package, as long as I own it (With the recent issues with Adobe CC, there is no way I'll buy into that ever.). Also no web/cloud based packages.
- Able to run on OS X and Windows (Yes I did say OS X and not MacOS. I have not upgraded that far yet. Also am running Windows 7 as I do not have a Windows 10 supported PC yet. That probably won't change until I get the Surface Go I want for some other hobbies.).
- Able to have it's database and library on a remote drive. I want to store my photos on my NAS.
- Speaking of my NAS, it's a Synology, if the software can store and structure it's library in such a manner that I can put it in the NAS's Photo share so I can get to the photos from anywhere to view them, that'd be awesome.
- If you can't tell, I want the software to be photo management as well as editing and processing.

I have looked online, but there are so many options, so I am hoping there are some that you guys have used and can give me your take.  So the short of it is I want software that run on at least OS X 10.10 and Windows 7, can manage my photo/video library and have editing, can process RAW, structures it's library in an normal folder hierarchy, and is either free and open source or can be bought without a subscription.

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Not sure how soon you might get a decent response here.  You might try asking the same questions on an Apple forum, a photography forum, or on a Linux forum, if you haven't already.

I, for one, would like to hear about any answers you receive.



I edit my videos on a Mac with Final Cut Pro 7. Apple ceased supporting it several years ago when they came out with Final Cut X. The new Final Cut was a complete revamp of the entire editing paradigm, and at this stage of my life I was not willing to “re-learn” how to edit video after 30 years of working with the classic method. Apple is up to OSX 10.10 or 10.11 something. However, Final Cut 7 will not run on anything newer than OSX 10.8, which I think is called “Mountain Lion.”

This means I’m in the same situation with video as you are with your photos. My solution? I stopped updating the OSX at 10.8. Everything still works fine.

You don’t have to update the OS on your Mac if you don’t want to. If the computer does everything you need it to do, leave it alone!

I also use a Synology RS816 for my backup. It can be configured as a web server so you could access files stored there from anywhere.

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