Some 2-rail Rio Grande cars (and two AT&SF)

Here are some D&RGW cars (and two AT&SF) I have picked up over the years for my Rio Grande-inspired layout. They have been repaired as necessary, then fitted with Kadees and Athearn trucks with Intermountain wheelsets. Please let me know if I am wrong about who sold the various kits.


(1) and (2) Ambroid (?) or Gloor Craft (?) -- Rio Grande had 20 cars of this kind, rebuilt in 1965 from post-war Pressed Steel cars.


(3) Atlas O


(4) USH GS drop-bottom gondola


(5) OMI -- Riveted sides with wood sash windows.


(6) Ambroid (?) -- Wood kit, not resin: I don't think this represents an actual Rio Grande car.


(7) PSC PS-1 


(8) All Nation


(9) Suncoast (?)


(10) Another reason the western roads liked diesels -- they don't need the water tank!


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Working strictly from memory.  Zimmer (A-N) offered three versions.  They were the 40' single door, a 50' and a double door.  The Zimmer is taller than the Sun Coast and has stamped metal inserts the go between the panels.  Zimmers have stamped metal doors and ends.  Sun Coast are white metal castings.  I could go on but that should give you enough info to run with.

By the way, the 50' door & a half and the extended roof AT&SF car are Zimmer's also.  Zimmer produced some really cool kits.  He did many NP cars and the ACL ventilated box car (watermelon car).

As a matter of fact I still have a bunch of their kits.  If I get a chance I'll dig out a built Sun Coast and a Zimmer and shoot a couple of photos for comparison.

By the way, whoever built them did a fantastic job.  Having said that, you probably deserve credit for any restoration also!


Thanks JAY C and BOB2. I've picked up some very nice Rio Grande, AT&SF, and WP models at both the Chicago and Indianapolis meets (and on e-Bay) that needed only minor repair, touch-up painting, trucks, couplers (Kadee "new generation" AAR type E), and some dull-coat to become very presentable additions to the roster. I spray the Athearn trucks and the wheel sets with Krylon Camouflage Ultra-Flat Black, then weather them by brushing on powered rust and various kinds of "dirt" with a hard Q-tip or stiff brush. 

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